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Neon Genesis Evangelion Pixel Art Collab. Static.

In connection with the release of the animation collaboration on Neon Genesis Evangelion, I am posting my piece. I will add from the story that the piece itself appears for only 0.5 seconds, which is actually not so much, but I am more than happy with the result, not only general but also my own. It is imbued with the soul of the Russian pixel art community with its memes, references, and Easter eggs. Adore.

Static, AAP-64 palette, original size 240x180px.

My part is a map of Tokyo-3 from the opening of the anime of the same name. I also couldn't ignore the fact that I was able to add something of my own and this... wow, this is just the name of the railway station of my hometown (Syzran-2 - "Сызрань-2"), which is a local meme in my country. Yes, and I tried to style it like a map.

I love this comment on my work: "Few people know, but the Syzran Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots was engaged in the selection of Evangelion pilots, and Shinji himself comes from the Samara region."



And here is a collaboration on Neon Genesis Evangelion.