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Exhibition of Contemporary Art "White Walls". Animation.

To the hell of creative burnout and getting back on track, by abruptly changing the space. The essence of the exhibition is that each invited author creates a work in the allotted time. How it reminds me of jams for game developers, in which I have never had a chance to participate, but I only heard. On the previous sentence, I am already exhausted, there were a lot of emotions, and even now I am without strength and feelings, and from that moment the text becomes confused.

Thoughts about work: I am of the opinion that pixel art is the Art Movement of Restrictions, and based on them, I open up more freedom for creativity, as in fact, in my entire life. This work is a comic book, or rather, your own understanding of the comic book. These are frames, frames, blurred frames, no text, smooth transitions, this is working with details, working with the inner world, because each work changes me more and more. And this work both pleased me and frightened me, because I wanted to make an animated comic for a very long time, and it is much harder to replace and interact with such a narrative - it makes a video series that is open to everyone's understanding, treat it as you like. I am open to every view.

Many thanks to Peter Vetkin, aka blinch, for the opportunity to use his composition "deep caves".